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Subject:Why is eBOS Technologies one of the best companies in Cyprus, and how does it adjust to the new realities?

Special feature in Gold magazine

The approach that eBOS Technologies is using to adjust to the new realities, including the strategy that follows to keep its personnel motivated, are highlighted in the Gold magazine special feature titled “in Good company”.

The article points out how eBOS Technologies encourages its employees to unleash their full potential while adjusting to the growing needs for teleworking. As the company’s co-founder and Managing Director, Phanos Christofi quoted, “happy and motivated employees are loyal employees and loyal employees can do amazing things”. 

“It is very important for us to know that our people are proud and really motivated irrespective on where they work and that they are willing to go above and beyond” Mr. Christofi mentioned.

Moreover, the special feature emphasizes the open, cooperative and dynamic workplace that eBOS Technologies offers, which enables its personnel to thrive. To facilitate trust in the workplace, eBOS practises candour by offering employees opportunities to share their honest opinions in meetings and encourages them to bring their true selves at work.

Mr. Christofi also underlined that the company has facilitated improved employee access to resources and increased the levels of flexibility due to pandemic crisis. To ensure that our personnel is properly equipped to face any rise in demand, eBOS provides ongoing training, coaching, professional development and engages them in the latest cutting-edge research and innovation technologies and activities.

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