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Subject:TRUSTS Live session

Our colleague Gianna Avgousti, R&D Project Manager, participated yesterday in the Live Session ‘TRUSTS in the financial industry-enabling data sovereignty beyond existing solutions’ and along with Alexandra Garatzogianni (Leibniz University) the coordinator of the project, Christos Roupas (Relational), George Kostopoulos (Piraeus Bank) and Benjamin Heitmann (Fraunhofer), introduced the goal of ‘TRUSTS’ project, to create a secure and trustworthy European datamarket for personal and industrial use by interconnecting different user groups and providing generic functionalities for innovative applications and services. eBOS commercial solution, WiseBOS RiSC (Risk intelligence, Scoring & Compliance), which empowers enterprises to meet and comply with the AntiMoneyLaundering law and regulations, was also presented as it is leveraged in TRUSTS through a dedicated usecase, demonstrating its capabilities for advanced money laundering detection, including the secure sharing of relevant data between involved stakeholders.
The live session was part of the series “views on IDS” hosted by the International Data Spaces Association and organised by the Horizon2020 ‘TRUSTS’ in cooperation with

Video and slides are now online: 
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