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Subject:The ICONET project brings Physical Internet innovation to Supply Chain Logistics in Living Labs

ICT innovation supported by the concept of the Physical Internet has the potential to fuel new business models that underpin intermodal transport, warehousing and ecommerce.

On the 22nd of May 2019, eBOS R&D Project Managers, Christos Skoufis and Philippos Philippou, took part in the Living Labs Workshop organised by the Horizon 2020 ICONET project. The meeting was hosted in Paris, France by StockBooking (part of FM Logistics group) and explored the application of the concept of the Physical Internet in Living Labs focused on Supply Chain Logistics. 

The Physical Internet is indeed an innovative and promising global sustainability contributor to the future of Supply Chain logistics. It has the potential to totally transform the ways physical goods are packaged, transported, distributed and delivered. 

In the ICONET Living Labs, concepts and technologies for the Physical Internet will be evaluated, tested and applied to real-world logistics processes. It is foreseen that these technologies will result in significant savings and efficiency improvements for the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

The workshop brought together 20 participants from 10 European countries from a variety of disciplines and industries as well as experts in the field of Physical Internet

More information can be accessed from the ICONET project website: