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Subject:The Cyprus Fiduciary Association kickstarts its 2020 series of professional events, sponsored by eBOS Technologies

Since 2011, as an organisation of vital importance for professionals offering fiduciary services, the Cyprus Fiduciary Association has provided all professionals of the sector with informative seminars, serving as helpful and up-to-date reference points, networking opportunities as well as a forum for exchanging ideas over the current changes in the fiduciary services world and the profession.

The events organised by Cyprus Fiduciary Association enable professionals to learn, grow, develop and improve as well as promote the sharing of best practices and promote the interests of members and a constant dialogue with regulatory authorities, at national, European and global level.

eBOS Technologies is therefore proud to announce it sponsors the 2020 series of monthly professional events and seminars of the Association. The series kickstarted on 27 February 2020 with a speaker event  on Conflict Management, organised at the LandMark Hotel, Nicosia, featuring Mr. Willem Meuwissen, an expert negotiator, mediator and litigator in Commercial, Corporate and Real Estate Law, based in Belgium.

Mr. Panos Kyriakides, Commercial Manager of eBOS technologies, represented the company at the event where the 4 exclusive sponsors of the series of events – eBOS Technologies, Alpha Bank, Globaltraining  and G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group – were acknowledged and thanked by Mr. Christoforos Ioannou, General Manager of CYFA, for their continuous support to the activities of the Association.

‘We are extremely pleased to show support to the professional development of the community of Fiduciary professionals of Cyprus, by sponsoring the 2020 series of the CYFA’s professional events. Our vision is to assist in creating a strong and efficient fiduciary sector, operating on high standards of professionalism, integrity, automation and productivity. We look forward to meeting the CYFA members in 2020 and to fruitful exchanges of ideas, knowledge and cooperation opportunities’ said Panos Kyriakides.

Further information on the Cyprus Fiduciary Association and its activities can be found on the website of the Association (