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Subject:Welcome to our new client: Cosmoco!

eBOS Technologies is honoured to announce that Cosmoco, the Nicosia-based professional firm of Chartered Accountants, has joined the community of WiseBOS ERP users. 

Cosmoco, which offers professional advice and compliance services and places client satisfaction at the centre of their success, now benefits from all the advantages brought by WiseBOS ERP, our sophisticated and advanced set of software solutions.

The WiseBOS ERP will assist Cosmoco in complying with the AML Regulations and Laws, both in terms of KYC Documents and actions monitoring. Cosmoco will also be able to automatically determine the risk level of clients, through the risk- based evaluation assessment. Its evaluation and screening of current and potential clients will be greatly facilitated by WiseBOS ERP Screening, a useful tool connected with external Sanction/PEP lists. 
Cosmoco also implemented the Time Management module to schedule, plan and keep track on the time spent per client, project or task, easily and accurately. 

Finally, Cosmoco will use WiseBOS Payroll Management to manage and automate its payroll process, easily, accurately and efficiently.

“It is a great honour to be able to contribute to the success of companies such as Cosmoco. As eBOS Technologies, we look forward to supporting their dynamic team in providing sound, solid and structured compliance and professional services” said Phanos Christofi, eBOS Managing Director. 

Once again, we would like to welcome Cosmoco and look forward to continued collaboration!