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Subject:New 5G-PPP brochure and SME page featuring eBOS Technologies

Prior to the 29th and first on-line edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2020 conference),  the 5G-Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) has released, in partnership with the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group and the Full5G project a new 5G SME brochure

The brochure not only includes the profile of SMEs at the forefront of 5G research, innovation, validation, and deployment in Europe, but also includes SME success stories, including that of eBOS Technologies. 

We are delighted to be included in this year’s edition, further to our participation in three 5G-PPP projects:

Through these projects, eBOS will develop multi-tenant front-end dashboards for KPIs visualisation, friendly to use intent-based APIs and cybersecurity solutions for 5G networks, thus advancing knowledge and reinforcing understanding in 5G enabling technologies. 

The brochure is available online on Networld2020 SME dedicated page. In addition, the "Find your SME" functionality of the page has been completely reshaped and updated. 
eBOS Technologies is again listed among the European SMEs that actively support the development of Europe’s technology capacities for 5G and beyond, via excellence in research and innovation, and thus, contribute to the growth of lead markets in Europe.