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Subject:Meet your targets through WiseBOS GRC with simple, ease of use and effective solutions



Offers flexible and simplified procedures

It’s not just about risks and governance. It’s about using the right GRC program to find your opportunities for sustainable growth. WiseBOS GRC is an out-of-the box software solution that blends flexibility across the organization for effective and efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management developed by eBOS Technologies Ltd. 

The WiseBOS GRC solution is designed to fully coordinate governance, risk and compliance activities and information for all levels in any organization. WiseBOS GRC helps your organization to streamline mundane and manual tasks and supports quick and informed decision-making which, in turn, can save your organization from financial and reputational loss, data breaches and compliance violations.

WiseBOS Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) consists of:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Make better decisions based on facts. Get view of risk across your enterprise and operations with real-time, interactive dashboards that let you proactively and accurately identify, assess, monitor and respond.

Audit Management
Enhance compliance with regulatory and corporate objectives. Eliminate manual processes and gain comprehensive, real-time visibility into audit findings, as well as audit programs, issues and trends.

Advanced Compliance Management
Manage compliance assessment programs effectively to ensure that controls and related activities are designed to meet regulatory requirements so you can confidently assure your board and regulators of your proactive approach to regulatory changes.

Meeting & Decisions
Manage your meetings and decisions effectively with real-time due-dates notifications and configurable reports and dashboards including many visualization options.