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Subject:eBOS Technologies is proud to announce its success in Horizon 2020 programme through its active participation in R&D/R&I projects (co)funded by the European Commission

eBOS Technologies Ltd is an established and innovative client-focused SME based in Nicosia, providing advanced e-business software solutions to enterprise customers on a worldwide basis. eBOS Technologies is characterized for its passion for Innovation. Its reputation has exceeded the domestic frontiers. 

With an increasingly comprehensive portfolio of ERP solutions, investments in Research and Development (R&D) as well as in Research & Innovation (R&I) are pivotal to eBOS Technologies. The development of product portfolio as a specialist software powerhouse has equipped eBOS Technologies with core competencies which are deployed in R&D/R&I projects. At European level, eBOS Technologies is consistently recognized as a leading R&D/R&I Institution. The knowledge and innovation gained are then incorporated into eBOS Technologies’ products and services. 

The core areas of expertise of eBOS Technologies  that contribute to the evolution and the success of its products and services, through the participation and involvement in R&D/R&I projects, include amongst others, intuitive front-end dashboards and APIs; web applications and digital maps; Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms; quality assurance, GDPR and data management; risk assessment and compliance; innovation and IPR management; exploitation, commercialisation, marketing, dissemination and communication activities.

Based on data published by the European Commission, provides innovative estimates on the funding and networking performance of European research institutions. eBOS Technologies is amongst the top 3 SME (overall ranked 7th) of the H2020 program in Cyprus and participates in a number of EU (co)funded H2020 projects. This achievement is a proof of success of eBOS Technologies team’s hard work, devotion and high-level of expertise.

The projects in which eBOS Technologies participates cover diverse application areas, that can transform, simplify and improve our life in the near digital future, such as 5G networks and beyond, next generation smart media using augmented and virtual reality, next generation internet and Internet of Things, security and cybersecurity, trusted big data sharing, transport and logistics, biorefining and renewable energy sources.

Within these projects, eBOS Technologies is proud to announce its participation in 5 recently (co)funded H2020 Research and Innovation projects co-funded by the European Commission in the area of next generation 5G networks and beyond. With these new 5G projects, which will commence soon, eBOS Technologies has raised its participation to a total of eight 5G (co)funded projects. This achievement makes eBOS Technologies one of the first organisations in Cyprus with the most participations in 5G H2020 research projects. Four of these new 5G projects aim to offer an experimentation environment for 3rd party application developers in the domains of smart media services, transport and logistics, enhanced robotics in factories of the future and public protection and disaster relief. The fifth project aims to provide a machine learning based, networking and computing infrastructure resource management of 5G and beyond intelligent networks. These projects complement the ongoing three 5G projects in which the company also participates, that aim to validate the latest 5G specifications and features through large scale field trials in the areas of media and entertainment, smart ports, factories of the future, smart cities, smart cross border autonomous mobility, autonomous network management, cybersecurity and energy efficiency.


A few things about eBOS Technologies
eBOS Technologies has a long history since 2003 of engaging with international research and technology organizations, industrial leaders, universities and SMEs to drive collaborative technological innovation and bring best-of-breed technologies to its customers and the wider community. 

Its product portfolio includes a wide range of Windows® and web-based customizable business solutions, targeted for the enterprise market. The core offering, the WiseBOS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a state-of-the-art comprehensive suite of software solutions, specifically designed to effectively adapt to the ever-changing business needs of companies of all sizes, unleashing the real potential of fully integrated and business-aligned solutions. 

The respected clientele of eBOS Technologies includes forward-thinking enterprises in a wide range of industries where comprehensive, cost-effective and avantgarde solutions are key to continued success in the new digital era. eBOS Technologies is committed to innovation and heavily investing in beyond the state-of-the-art technologies, thereby accelerating future digital innovation. 

In 2019, the Ministry of the Finance of Cyprus has distinguished eBOS Technologies with the ‘Innovative SME’ certificate, in recognition of its efforts in research, development and innovation activities.  The certification is the result of an independent evaluation confirming eBOS Technologies invests an important share of the company’s financial and human assets in continuous research and innovation efforts. 

The strong dedication to its clients and its passion for research is what makes eBOS Technologies uniquely able to deliver best-of-breed innovation that delivers real business value in the most challenging corporate environments. The efficient company structure and processes, the 35+ fulltime personnel’s high-expertise and rich academic qualifications makes eBOS Technologies Your IT Business partner of choice.

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