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Subject:eBOS Technologies is a leader in digital transformation and evolution

11th ICT Conference and Exhibition Tech Revolution 

The benefits that digital transformation brings to the enterprises were analysed during the 11th ICT Conference and Exhibition TECH REVOLUTION that took place on Wednesday 2nd of June in Hilton Nicosia. eBOS Technologies was a proud sponsor of the conference and participated in the panel discussion titled ‘The future of technology in Cyprus’ with its Commercial Manager, Panos Kyriakides.

Mr Kyriakides underlined that the use of technology for a seamless digital transformation, is the key for success and growth, for every enterprise, going into tomorrow. He further referred to the challenges and difficulties faced, such as the technological illiteracy and lack of specialised professionals in IT and added that evolution and progress have to be embraced by everyone in taking Cyprus to this new digital era.

Referring to the methods that companies should adopt, Mr. Kyriakides quoted that the appropriate digital culture and adequate training for all executives and employees within an organisation, should be cultivated and be implemented.

In concluding, he expressed his belief that, although the role of Cypriot technology companies has expanded during the last years, it will continue to grow and evolve in providing appropriate software solutions and assistance to enterprises both locally and internationally in making their day-to day business easier, more efficient and cost effective, through the use of technology and digital transformation.