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Subject:eBOS Technologies experts present the “Next Generation IT Tools for Internal Auditors” at the Cyprus Internal Audit Forum 2019

Internal Audit is one of the pillars of effective governance that can be greatly enhanced and improved with advanced IT tools.

On 16th of May 2019, Fanos Christofi, eBOS Managing Director & Founder and Theodosia Koukou, eBOS Business Development Specialist, presented the Next Generation of IT tools for internal audit at the Cyprus Internal Audit Forum 2019. Advanced technology – such as the WiseBOS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software - can indeed play a crucial role in improving, streamlining and transforming the Internal Audit Process.
‘’The Cyprus Internal Audit Forum was a great opportunity to discuss a technology-driven approach to internal audit’’, said Fanos Christofi. ‘’We were pleased to discuss and actively engage with representatives of the industry and shape the new era towards a systematic, disciplined and innovative approach to risk management, control and governance processes’’. 

The specialised forum was organised by the Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors at the Hilton Cyprus Hotel in Nicosia. More than 200+ participants from the industry attended the event held under the auspices of Ms. Vasiliki Anastasiadou, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works. 
Other topics discussed included ‘Auditing Regulated Entities’, ‘Soft controls in Internal Audit’ and ‘AML Requirements and the role of Internal Auditors’.  

Further information can be found on the website of the Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors: