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Subject:eBOS joins workshop to design the architecture of the INSPECTr Platform, to help in the prediction, detection and prevention of crime

The EU-funded H2020 INSPECTr project is steadily making progress towards equipping pan-European Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with leading edge analytical tools for crime prediction and prevention. On the 11th and 12th of December 2019, Dr George Guirgis, eBOS R&D Project Manager, joined the project’s technical partners for a workshop hosted in Dublin by the project coordinator, the UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation, Ireland. 

The workshop aimed at discussing and finalizing the INSPECTr platform’s architecture and was jointly led by the UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation and Inlecom Systems. Each partner presented their implementation plan for the tasks that they are leading. Open discussions followed and consensus was reached on an optimized architecture and common implementation process. The discussions pivoted the partners’ strengths in relation to their role in the project, with special focus on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and their utilization in the platform components.

'eBOS Technologies is leading the tasks that will automate the validation of the query and information exchange between Law Enforcement Agencies across Europe, and that will integrate search widgets in the current criminal investigation tools, so that LEAs can utilize the processing power and analytics of the INSPECTr platform. Both tasks are integral to the project success, and we are proud to be working with likeminded partners on the cutting edge of technology', Dr. George Guirgis said.

INSPECTr (Intelligence Network & Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer) is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme which aims at creating a shared intelligent platform and a novel process for gathering, analyzing, prioritizing and presenting key data to help in the prediction, detection and management of crime in support of multiple agencies at local, national and international level.

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