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Subject:eBOS participates in new H2020 project ‘5G-SOLUTIONS for European citizens'

The "fifth generation" of telecommunication systems, or 5G, will be one of the most critical building blocks of the European digital economy and society in the next decade. Significant steps towards this strategic technology are being made at EU level with a new Horizon 2020 project: 5G-SOLUTIONS, in which eBOS participates as a technology partner.

5G-SOLUTIONS is one of the seven EU-funded H2020 5G-PPP projects supporting EC’s 5G policy by implementing the last phase (Phase 3b) of the 5G cPPP roadmap. It addresses the challenge of the call ‘H2020 ICT-19-2019: Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries’. It was selected after a competitive evaluation process which saw 5G-SOLUTIONS ranked at the top of the list amongst 32 proposals. The project, coordinated by Telecom Italia, will commence on 1st June 2019 and last 3 years. 

5G-SOLUTIONS aims at proving and validating that 5G provides prominent industry verticals with ubiquitous access to a wide range of forward-looking services with orders of magnitude of improvement over 4G, thus bringing the 5G vision closer to realisation. 

The project will conduct advanced field-trials of innovative use cases, directly involving end-users across five significant industry vertical domains: 

  • Factories of the Future 
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Ports
  • Media & Entertainment.

In particular, 5G-SOLUTIONS will provide validation of more than 140 KPIs for 20 innovative and heterogeneous use cases that require 5G performance capabilities and are expected to have a high future commercialisation potential. These use cases will be field trialed separately as well as concurrently with real end-user actors through ICT-17’s 5G-EVE Italy and 5G-VINNI Norway/Greece facilities, thus validating their conformance to target 5G KPIs specified for each use case, as well as their business potential, ethical and social acceptance.

In addition, the project will provide technological enablers for facilitating the execution of the field trials in an automated way, including:

  • a unified cross-domain service orchestrator enabling multidomain slicing and 5G service lifecycle automation, 
  • an innovative smart KPI visualisation system for facilitating the near real-time analysis, presentation, benchmarking and performance validation of reference 5G network KPIs against predefined target values
  • intent-based APIs for stimulating innovation and fostering the development, portability and provisioning of new innovative applications by SMEs. 

As part of 5G-SOLUTIONS, eBOS leverages its 15-year ICT experience in designing, developing, integrating and deploying APIs and interfaces and will be involved in the design, development, integration and deployment of the technological enablers, in particular the innovative KPI visualization system and the intent-based APIs for facilitating the execution of the field trials. eBOS will also undertake the role of Quality & Risk Management with the responsibility of organising and supervising quality review/peer reviews for all deliverables including the implementation of the quality management plan. 

5G-SOLUTIONS brings together 26 partners from the 9 EU and associated countries: Italy, Norway, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus and Israel. The consortium is driven by industry heavyweights from EU telecom and vertical industries and renowned research organisations, the majority of which participate in 24 out of the 43 5G-PPP projects and in several 5G-PPP Working Groups.

For more information please visit the project’s website at

"This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 856691”.