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Subject:eBOS achieves the prestigious ‘Innovative SME’ certification

We are pleased to announce that, in January 2019, the Ministry of the Finance of Cyprus has distinguished eBOS Technologies with the ‘Innovative SME’ certificate in recognition of our efforts in research, development and innovation activities.

Being an innovative SME is not only a statement or appearance. The certification is the result of an independent evaluation that confirmed eBOS engages an important share of the company’s financial and human assets in continuous research and innovation efforts. Nation-wide, eBOS Technologies is the 13th SME recipient of the award, highlighting the rigor and ambition of the criteria to be achieved.

Obtaining the ‘Innovative SME’ certification highlights our commitment to the development of products and solutions that bring best-of-breed technologies to our customers and the wider community. It allows eBOS to demonstrate its research skills and innovation capability.

The ‘Innovative SME’ certificate will be valid for three years until the 11/01/2022. 
We hope to continue reaching achievements like this and keep on leveraging new and emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge, robust and cost-effective engineering solutions.

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eBOS achieves  Innovative SME certification