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Subject:Learning through Action: CDA College students learn ‘hands-on’ with WiseBOS ERP Software Suite
In collaboration with eBOS Technologies, CDA College is now embedding hands-on experience with WiseBOS ERP Software Suite into its courses leading to the Higher Diploma in Office Administration. 
The collaboration aims at providing enrolled students with practical knowledge of a leading ERP software suite, thus enhancing their learning experience with interactive and real-world exercises, and giving them a competitive advantage in the job market.

Throughout their curricula at CDA College, students will develop a broad understanding of business processes and sharp corporate skills by using WiseBOS ERP state-of-the-art comprehensive software suite. 

‘eBOS Technologies is proud to partner with CDA college to provide a practical learning experience to students, and excited to see so many aspiring office administration professionals use WiSeBOS ERP solution during their studies. We wish them every success in the corporate world and thank CDA College for their trust’, said Stelios Christofi, eBOS Managing Director.

Specifically designed to evolve with clients, WiseBOS ERP Suite manages corporate administration, risk analysis, compliance, tax reporting, process standardization and automation, payroll, invoicing, billing, time management, and much more.