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With more than 15 years of experience in the field of developing captivating, creative and effective web and windows-based solutions, we have succeeded in establishing our company in the market by creating innovative and cost-effective cutting-edge software solutions that address current modern business needs. Our development team consists of software professionals dedicated to applying best-practice processes and leading-edge technologies to deliver innovative applications. All of our software products and solutions are powered by the WiseBOS Platform, which provides not only flexible and dynamic customer-centric solutions, but also integrates seamlessly all software modules in our WiseBOS Suite Portfolio. WiseBOS Platform is designed to provide the ability to package different applications based on each enterprise specific business needs. Our customers can extend the functionality of each product they select, easily and effortlessly with the modules that are offered through the WiseBOS Platform, and unleash the real potential of having an integrated solution that is fully aligned with their business needs.

AML is a business solution that assists companies to meet and comply with the AML law and regulations. It handles KYC documents and actions, and also determines the risk level through the risk evaluation which is built based on scoring and metrics, including information on company transactions’ size, movement of funds, etc. Moreover, AML provides a risk analysis score report  and the reason for the score, as well as a detailed Economic profile of the company.

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Corporate Legal is a solution that will streamline and automate the Company Formation, Company Management and Fiduciary Management process and make it simple and easy for companies offering Corporate services to standardize their existing processes and workflows.

Configurable, scalable, and expandable, Corporate Legal is the most flexible and complete solution for addressing industry-specific and business-specific operational challenges.

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Case Management is one of the most sophisticated legal software in the market, designed to manage, simplify, streamline and coordinate the work of Lawyers, Legal Assistants and Other Staff within small, mid-size and large Legal Firms.

The system is simple and easy to use, allowing you to keep detailed information, procedural actions and expenses incurred for a specific Litigation Case, Legal Contracts, Consulting Services, Wills and Probate which might be handled by your office.

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Staff Planning provides an effective solution for company Managers to maintain their employee scheduling tasks accurate and easily manageable. Our Calendar Style Planning Interface is easy to use and delivers immediate results that help to make employee planning an effortless job with minimized management costs.

We provide you with all the benefits of a simplified and automated employee scheduling software that will help you reduce your planning and re-planning time and increase your staff efficiency
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In today’s businesses time can become an important factor when your business has to manage a large number of clients. Most of the times due to lack of proper scheduling and planning you lose track of time and deliverables, and when it comes to billing your actual time spent you realize that you have exceeded your time estimated and agreed with a customer. Loss of your time means loss of profits for your business.

With Time Management module you can get the correct information to the right people for quick approval and reporting and identify where and how employees spend their time each day.

The system will assist you to take the maximum advantage of your employee’s precious time and organize it in a way that it serves your clients on-time and effective.

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WiseBOS Payroll gives the ability to modern businesses of any size to manage and automate their payroll process, efficiently and accurately. Our solution allows you to calculate your staff payments based on Cyprus Tax regulations as well as easily auto-complete all the relevant forms needed by the Tax authorities. Focus more on your core business activities and minimize all the administration needed for managing your Payroll process with all the complex and time-consuming tasks involved, completing year end returns and complying with all relevant government legislation.

WiseBOS Payroll can work as a standalone application but can also integrate with the other packages that are also available through the WiseBOS Suite.

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MediBOS is a fully managed, state-of-the-art software solution that is specifically designed for the Medical sector.

Both Web and Windows-based Medical EMR applications are available addressing different types of expertise, allowing any doctor or clinic to choose the most suitable version based on their business needs.

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The PSMS has been developed for the Maritime Industry to consolidate Maritime security related material into a handbook as input.

It is a web-based automated dashboard that enables a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)/ Port Security officer (PSO) to monitor and enhance security plans and corporate procedures.

The PSMS is mending to enable a PFSO / PSO to monitor, assess, evaluate and upgrade existing security measures and not to replace existing plans or documentation.

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Over the past years the content on your website has become critical. Search Engines are changing by the day in order to deliver to their users as valuable results as possible by locating the website with the more related, up-to date and relative content. In order to achieve that you need the assistance of a Content Management System that will allow you to keep your content fresh and up-to date and at the same time will enable your team to add, manage and modify custom content in seconds.

WiseBOS Content Management System is completely browser based and empowers you to create and maintain easily your website and build a strong online presence. It's the ultimate solution for your website, store and community and the tool to deliver a huge return on your website investment. It manages all the workflow needs, while allowing website content management and customization without any previous IT knowledge.

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