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Subject:eBOS participates in Horizon 2020 CHARIOT project for advancing the Privacy, Security and Safety of IoT Systems


eBOS Technologies is participating in a large Research and Innovation Action project funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme. The 3-year project, named CHARIOT (Cognitive Heterogeneous Architecture for Industrial IoT) started in January 2018 and will provide a design method and cognitive computing platform supporting a unified approach towards Privacy, Security and Safety (PSS) of Internet of Things (IoT) Systems.

In recent years, the advances made in cloud computing and the IoT have indeed led to new potential PSS risks for all ‘connected objects’, particularly in industrial environments.  CHARIOT aims at addressing the unique safety issues that arise from the integration of high volumes and varieties of IoT objects.

The CHARIOT Research and Innovation Focus

CHARIOT will advance the current state-of-the-art by developing: 

  • A Privacy and Security protection method building on Public Key Infrastructure and enabling the coupling of a pre-programmed private key deployed to IoT devices with a private key on Blockchain system.
  • A Blockchain ledger in which categories of IoT changes are both recorded and affirmed/approved.
  • A fog-based decentralised infrastructure for Firmware Security integrity checking.
  • An IoT Safety Supervision Engine providing a novel solution for securing IoT data, devices and functionality in new and existing industry-specific safety critical systems.
  • A Cognitive System and Method with accompanying supervision, analytics and prediction models.
  • New methods and tools for static code analysis of IoT devices.

Living Lab Demonstrators

CHARIOT will test and validate Industrial IoT safety in three Living Labs addressing different industrial areas in IoT safety: in transport (rail and airports) and in buildings.  The Living Labs will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed approach and provide compelling industry use cases, in turn delivering a key stepping stone for the next generation of IoT platforms and services.


The CHARIOT consortium consists of 11 partners in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy and Ireland:

  • Inlecom  (Project coordinator)
  • Athens International Airport
  • CEA
  • EBOS Technologies Ltd
  • IBM Ireland
  • CLMS

For more information, visit CHARIOT’s website: