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Subject:eBOS proudly announces its new partnership with BDO Cyprus
BDO is one of the larger firms operating in Cyprus with more than 100 professionals offering a wide range of consulting and advisory services in tax, audit and assurance. 

In order to organise Corporate services in a simpler, user-friendly and cost effective way, BDO has chosen eBOS’s sophisticated and advanced set of software solutions, WiseBOS AML and Corporate Legal (CL). WiseBOS CL comprehensively addresses BDO’s operational needs as it accelerates productivity by streamlining and automating companies formation, management and administration processes. WiseBOS AML is a valuable and critical tool for BDO’s Compliance department that efficiently fulfils all compliance requirements according to the AML law, regulations and its internal policies. Compliance is achieved both in terms of KYC documents and actions monitoring, as well as by risk-based assessment performed through a risk evaluation wizard and other mechanisms. 
We are delighted to cooperate with BDO Cyprus and look forward to a continuous long-term relationship!